Iverley Lodge is a small boarding establishment for dogs with OWNERS WHO CARE.
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The kennels are purpose built, heated units, each with it’s own covered outside run. The dogs are walked individually twice daily.
Each dog is supplied with a raised bed, however it helps your pet to settle if you bring it’s own bedding, such as blankets or a duvet. Also it’s own favourite toys are welcome, but nothing that can be swallowed.

Many types of food are provided,  Special diet or cooked food must be provided by the owner.
Special arrangements can be made for veteran dogs and puppies.

Each dog gets a small treat after each walk and at bed time.

Inspection and Insurance
Inspection of the Kennels is recommended and welcomed. Please telephone to arrange a mutually convenient time.
After occupation, each kennel and run is thoroughly disinfected and inspected before being reused.

This is a licensed Kennel and whilst dogs are in residence, a SILVER COVER INSURANCE is provided at no extra cost

The owner must declare that the dog is not suffering, or recently suffered from any infectious or contagious disease. In the case of a dog becoming ill, the proprietor at his total discretion is at liberty to engage a Veterinary Surgeon on the Owner’s behalf, and at the owner expense, and can carry out any instructions he may be given in respect of the dog.

The proprietor will be free from all responsibility or claim in respect of the dog
Dogs with a dubious temperament will not be accepted

No dog will be accepted without a current vaccination certificate which must be produced when you bring your dog in, Kennel cough vaccine is also required. Every possible precaution is taken to prevent the spread of infection. If your dog shows signs of ill health whilst in the kennels, immediate veterinary advice will be sought

All dogs must arrive with a collar and lead.

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